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Based on your selection of principal and agent, countries comparable to the one you choose are identified using a number of different contextual factors (based on data availability) including:

  1. Level of economic development
  2. Strength of rule of law
  3. Regime type
  4. Degree of corruption/clientelism
  5. Degree of procedural democracy
  6. Degree of civic space and protection for civil freedoms
  7. Strength of civil society sector and social movements
  8. Professionalization of bureaucracy/bureaucratic capacity
  9. Social capital
  10. Horizontal accountability institutions

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Ability to hold government to account Effort to hold government to account Government accountability Government performance


Knowledge of how to monitor government
Knowledge of how to sanction government
Monitoring of government
Sanctioning of government
Government effort
Government corruption
Government services
Development outcomes
Redress mechanisms
Government duties and obligations
Civic duties and responsibilities
Government resources
Government effort
Government services
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